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Super Felipe Shooter: Multiplayer How The Game Works: From the "MainMenu" scene, players are first required to choose their character before joining a game. Then they can proceed on matchmaking or joining/creating a custom game. While in the matchmaking, the game will try to join a random room, creates a new one if there's no available, randomly selects a map, and waits for others to join. Once the room is full, it is now marked as closed (preventing anyone from joining later) and loads the "Game" scene itself. The match will not start until all players are finished loading the game scene (the Master Client periodically checks this after loading the game scene). When players finished loading, a player object will be spawned for them in a random spawn point and marks themselves "ready". When all players are ready, the game will start after a 5-second count down and a 3- minute timer begins. Random weapons will start spawning periodically as well as power ups. Players can pick up weapons to eliminate others and health pick ups to


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