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Siren Head Vs Cartoon Cat Archer an intense physic-based archery game. At first, you play as a cartoon cat, collect as many gems, and avoid Siren Head and cartoon dog on the front. Just tap on the screen, pull and let an arrow from a bow fly. Prove yourself the ultimate archer of all times. Best simulator shooting with bow cartoon cat vs siren head and cartoon dog. The enemy siren head is killed by a hit in the head or two hits in the torso, an arm, or a leg. Feature: * Easy control with addictive touch of hitting. * Compete for rankings with everybody. * Dual with opponents around the world. * Multiple bows and arrows to choose from * With every level you accomplish, you would be left wanting for more. * At each new level, you would be faced with targets and competition more intense than the previous. * Earn rewards in the form of coins as you achieve our highly competitive missions. * Unlock your hero's cartoon dog, siren head as you earn more and more points by attacking and defending. * Upgrade your arrows and buy superpowers with the points earned and set yourself on a mission to raise.


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