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Are you ready to pilot your very own rescue army helicopter and save hundreds of lives? You can wear your emergency hats and start saving lives now. The army has been tasked with carefully piloting your realistic rescue helicopter and rescuing hundreds of people who need to be rescued. Check out the tiny map and save as many people as you can. You can even choose your own flying military rescue helicopter. Check their speed, acceleration and maneuverability and choose the best army saver helicopter that suits you the most. If you have always dreamed of joining the military, then this amazing American helicopter rescue game will meet your expectations and give you maximum helicopter flight rescue experience. Get on your fast City City helicopter to save the people in danger! You will have to collect the gold stars and pass the checkpoints to complete the helicopter rescue mission. You will need to rescue people from the burning village and take them to a safe place. It will be easy for you to understand the instructions and tips that would guide you on how to fly your American rescue helicopter. You will also receive a tutorial on how to fly your army helicopter. After the tutorial, you will have the opportunity to practice your crazy flight skills in rescue helicopter on the first level. After that, you will have to check the mini-map given in the right corner of your screen to find the stars and checkpoints to complete your flight mission. When you have completed your army flight mission and saved people, you will receive rewards and then be promoted to the next level.


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