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This game revolves around a mouse called Mickey robbery all the items in the shop. But to loot items require skills because in the shop the police officer is ready to catch you so be quick and sneaky and grab thief tons of loots! Clear all levels to earn and achieve high rankings in this robbery game and you will find it the most addicting looter game. How to play Robbery Mickey Lucky looter - Slide your finger on the screen to move! - Release your finger from the screen to hide the Mickey loot mouse in the box! - Loot enough cash to continue on the next level. Features: ● Various thief simulator modes ● Amazing crime games environment ● Mickey vs police missions ● Sweet 3D low poly environments ● Tons of collectibles ● Easy to pick up ● Feel the excitement and thrill in the escape game. ● Epic sound effects and 3D animations ● Challenging crazy shop looter escape mission ● Feel the excitement and thrill in the robbery game. ● Perform amazing underworld city criminal stunts to survive ● Epic sound effects and 3d animations


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