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Do you like Mermaid secrets? Would you like to make a call with the Mermaid Princess? You are in the right place! (Fake Call From Mermaid Princess:Simulation) NOW, is a Prank app to enjoy it with your friends! Set up a phone call time and answer a fake call from Mermaid Mia! with a single click you can have the scary experience of talking to Mermaid secrets, it's an easy application to entertain yourself or prank your friends and family and see their hilarious reactions, the calls seem so realistic and they'll think you're really talking to your Mermaid Princess. About this app is an joke app that let you to make prank to your friends that you are chatting with princess Mermaid and lol princess Mermaid will answer all your chat messages with an sms chat ,Keep that in mind that this is surprise application and you can prank your friends or family members while call with Mermaid Mia in front of them.


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